"Hi guys it's me Del with one L and just so we are on the same page it's pork roll..."

Originally from Brielle, New Jersey, Delaney is an actor, singer, dancer who also enjoys to dabble in choreography. When Delaney is not in rehearsal you can find her teaching dance or catching some rays at the nearest beach. She loves lifting, sushi and singing in the car with the windows down and the radio up.

Delaney always loved to sing but her love for theatre began in the 4th grade when she did a production of Schoolhouse Rock Jr. and sang "I'm just a Bill". From there, Delaney began doing more community theatre and her love for performing only grew.

In high school Delaney decided she wanted to do theatre for the rest of her life and began her dance training. She fell in love with dance and joined a local dance team where she spent 12 plus hours a week in the studio. 

Delaney is a recent graduate of DeSales University with a dual B.A. degree in Theatre and Dance. At DeSales, Delaney found the tools she needed to grow and is often reminded that "in the end we get the privilege to tell stories for a living." 

She wishes to send a special thanks to her parents and god for leading her to where she is today and for their support.

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: Brunette

Eyes Color: Brown

Voice Part- Soprano with Strong Belt


Location: New York, NY / Willing to Travel